[REVIEW] Kangaroo Burger & Buffalo Wings / The Blues Kitchen / Camden, London / What’s that, Skip?

The most important thing you need to know about the Blues Kitchen is that they serve London’s most authentic Buffalo wings.

  • They get the Frank’s-to-butter ratio right.
  • They’re freshly deep-fried.
  • The bleu cheese sauce seems to be devoid of chemicals.
  • It’s served on a table that’s far, far too big.
  • They only bother to fling two or three sticks of celery on the side.

They are literally perfect in every way. A medium portion is £6, a large plate £9. This might not quite be proper sports bar pricing, but worth a visit just for this one single dish.

They’re also doing a season of weird burgers. Made with odd meats and stuff. We went for the Kangaroo. The bun is wrong, there was no cheese and the onion overpowered the whole thing. Sadly I came away still not knowing what Skippy tastes like.

They’re also doing that Lexington-style thing of having loads and loads of whisky behind the bar. Everyone seemed to be drinking Beck’s. A waste.

Ignore the accoutrements. Ignore the terrible service and overcharging waitresses. Ignore the fact you can’t order a Seven & Seven. Certainly try to ignore the bluesy musak. And definitely ignore those silly burgers.

Just buy some of those wings. They’re a real find.

  • Simon

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