Rob:It was alright I guess. Pricey, but that's cos it's Chelsea. You only got six wings for EIGHT POUNDS, and they were like halves of wings too. Tasted nice, very like Frank's Extra Hot Red Hot, and not oily at all. The BBQ sauce was the sweetest i've ever had, like crazy sweet, but the chicken and ribs platter was better value. It's like a cross between Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville and Bubba Gump, very twee in it's American Crab fishin' decor. But they had a live band playing crappy versions of indie and pop songs, really loud, which was hella annoying. Literally, at one point, as they got to the pause-then-chorus of Purple Rain, all the Chelsea-ites stopped talking and sang along. It must be a popular song in that part of town. Apparently Tuesday is the quietest night, and it was pretty packed, so they must be doing something right.